IGO – Interest Group of Public Benefit Organizations

Non-Profit Organizations have interests. Their main interest is the fulfillment of their individual purpose for the charitable objectives which are defined in their statutes. Additionally, NPOs also have concerns which they share with other NPOs. This is where cooperation makes sense and where IGO becomes active.

In general, NPOs need protection and improvement of political, legal and economic framework conditions for their work.

  • These include democratic space, in which civil-society activity can happen without any restrictions.
  • Furthermore, laws and regulations, which facilitate or complicate the work of NGOs.
  • Moreover, taxes and tariffs, that are charged to NPOs by private and public institutions.
  • NPOs are also interested in the high-quality and unblemished reputation of their sector. It is essential that donors and sponsors have implicit trust in the professionalism and integrity of the organizations they support.
  • Finally, NPOs have a common interest in the appreciation of their activities. Contrary to other public and private institutions, they often don’t have the means to promote themselves.

These are the core areas of IGO’s engagement. IGO negotiates interests, bundles resources, and argues/advocates for common concerns to opinion leaders and decision makers in politics, administration, business and media, in order to strengthen NPOs that work for public benefit.

Our Members