History and Achievements

IGO (formerly: IÖGV) was the result of a difficult situation for NPOs in 1997, when a new postal law meant massive increases of tariffs. NPOs were directly affected by the rise of these prices, since they send journals and magazines as part of their information and awareness raising-activities.

That is why NPOs from different sectors of activity formed a spontaneous coalition, in order to achieve a common goal: a tolerable postal law.

The  innovative concept of this approach was that NPOs from different fields were working together in order to advocate a common interest. IGO was successful – in 1997 they were able to prevent the increase of tariffs. It was out of that initiative that IGO was created.

Later on, IGO, in collaboration with other umbrella organizations, developed the Austrian Seal of Approval for Donations.

It was further challenged in areas such as the Austrian Associations Act, fees and taxation of NPOs.

A great success for IGO was the implementation of tax-deductibility for donations for organizations which work in the following fields: mild charity, development cooperation and civil protection. In 2012 tax deductibility also became possible for organizations that work  in environmental protection.

IGO is still promoting an extension of tax deductibility for animal welfare organizations.

In 2012, IGO successfully promoted a reduction, and in some cases even a cancellation, of banking charges for NPOs.